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Backyard Swing Glendale Arizona

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If you are thinking of installing a backyard swing set, it is important to find the best equipment and the correct place to install it safely. 

Tips to Install Your Swing Set Correctly  

Backyard swing Glendale will be perfect buying a swing set that will help your child grow. Find options that not only provide safety and fun for your young children but also feature that children will enjoy for years to come. Modular sets allow you to add pieces as your child grows.

The swing should be at least 8 inches and the seat should be at least 8 inches above the ground. To increase safety, Good Housekeeping recommends getting a soft plastic or rubber swing set and a playset with a barrier around the platform that is over 4 feet.

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Find the Right Placement

In addition to choosing the right type of swing set, finding the right place in the garden is also essential. Consider these suggestions when choosing where to place your new swing set.

Clear area: Backyard slide Glendale the entire placket should have at least 6 feet of clearance. CPSC recommends more swing clearance. This is twice the height from the ground to the bar which supports the swing.

Backyard Swing Glendale Arizona

Good orientation: Backyard swing Glendale considers visibility through Windows when making decisions. Also, according to CPSC, it is advisable to plan your swing set up carefully. For example, for safety reasons, prevent children from leaving the slide in front of the swing.

Avoid the sun:  If overheated, the metal content of the swing set can burn. Keep the swing away from direct sunlight. According to the CPSC, sunlight is minimal in the north-facing slides and other metal surfaces.

Cushion Falls

Once you have identified the equipment and location, there are some other plans to install the backyard swing set. Good house capping says a 12-inch deep protective surface, such as sand or shredded rubber, can be placed 6 feet below and around the swing seat to prevent the pillow from falling and reducing the risk of injury.

Installing a swing set is a great way to help keep your kids active and happy, but it is important to plan and design well for safety. Keep in mind the tips for setting up and preparing your backyard swing set. This is to allow your child and his or her friends to work safely outside.

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